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Social Security & Medicare




"Out-of-control entitlement spending is responsible for the deficit."

  • They'd rather gut Social Security and Medicare than make millionaires and big corporations pay a few more cents on the dollar in taxes.
  • Social Security doesn't add a penny to the deficit and Medicare is the most cost-effective way for our seniors to get health care. But Republican politicians never liked Social Security or Medicare and still want to take them away.
  • When Republican politicians take away the benefits our seniors have earned, they take money out of the pockets of middle-class Americans. That takes away customers from our businesses - and that means less hiring and fewer jobs.
  • If they were serious about deficits, they wouldn't have fought so hard for the Bush tax cuts and two unfunded wars that led to the record deficits we're dealing with today.

"Social Security is a Ponzi scheme."

"We have to fix Social Security by cutting benefits now, or else we'll have to end Social Security completely."

  • Social Security isn't the problem - reckless Republican political ideology is. Even if we do nothing at all, Social Security's finances will still be on solid ground for decades to come.
  • They want to cut the benefits we've all earned just to pay for more tax giveaways to millionaires and big corporations.
  • That makes no sense: less retirement benefits mean less money in our pockets and fewer customers for our businesses -- and this means less economic growth and fewer jobs everywhere.

"Privatizing Social Security will make it more sustainable."

  • After the Wall Street meltdown, Republican politicians still want Wall Street gambling with our entire retirement security.
  • We've seen what happens when Wall Street is in charge - they profit, we lose.
  • They'd make billions of dollars off managing private accounts - money that would come directly from the benefits we've paid for.

"Social Security is running out of money and headed for bankruptcy."

"Social Security makes the deficit worse - cuts should be on the table for the supercommittee."

"With the payroll tax cut, we should not be taking money from seniors to give to people who already have a job."

  • Let's be clear about the Republican politicians saying this -- they never liked Social Security and they still want to take it away.
  • The truth is Washington Republicans are looking for any excuse to protect millionaires from paying a penny more in taxes -- that's because millionaires and the rest of the richest 1% bankroll their campaigns.


"Medicare must be reformed to be saved."

  • Actually, just like the military, Medicare cannot run out of money. Medicare's trust fund is in better financial shape today than for most of its history thanks to the new health care law
  • The real threat to Medicare is Republican politicians who keep trying to take it away.
  • If they really want to protect Medicare, guess what: the health care law they oppose and want to repeal is already doing it. That's what preserving Medicare looks like.

"Obamacare hurts seniors."

"There's a new report from the Mercatus Center saying Obamacare increases the deficit."

  • Republicans would have to finally admit that they've been planning to kill Medicare to make this false claim about Obamacare true.
  • Nothing’s changed: Obamacare lowers the deficit -- take it from the experts required by law to be nonpartisan, independent, and objective. It's simple math: there's less money going out than the money flowing in. That's what deficit reduction looks like.
  • In contrast, this report was bought and paid for by corporate special interests so the GOP politicians they fund can use it in their hundreds of millions of dollars of negative attack ads against Obama.
  • Republican politicians have some nerve talking about the deficit when they fought for the massive tax giveaways that exploded the deficit and left us the mess we're still dealing with today.

"Obama is double counting the Medicare savings to make Obamacare look fiscally responsible."

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