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Corporate Corruption





"Corporations are people."                                        

  • Corporations are not people. No one should have to explain this. Corporations do not vote, they do not fight and die for our nation, and they do not have consciences or beliefs.
  • It's bad enough that they spend millions on lobbyists to influence politicians. Corporations should not be able to control our elections, too.
  • The founders of our country certainly did not consider corporations to be people. Corporations aren't even mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. America was founded as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.


"Corporations should be able to participate in our government, too."

  • The American people won't get a fair shot until we have a government by and for all of us -- not bought and paid for by Wall Street, Big Oil, and corporate lobbyists.
  • When corporations can use their massive profits to secretly cut multi-million dollar checks to bankroll politicians, how are regular Americans with small dollar donations supposed to be heard?
  • There was a reason our country restricted corporations from using their money to meddle in politics for more than a century: to prevent corruption and protect our free and fair elections. But Citizens United undid all that.



"The News Corp. scandal is a U.K. problem, not a U.S. problem and Congress has better things to do."


"There is no proof of wrongdoing."

  • There have already been more than a dozen arrests, convictions, or resignations as a result of the News Corp. scandal. We need to find out if our laws were broken. That's what investigations are for.
  • The FBI and the Department of Justice have already launched investigations into allegations that News Corp. hacked the phones of 9/11 families, but that isn't enough.
  • Evidence suggests that the wrongdoing goes much further -- that warrants investigation by all relevant agencies and committees, which some Democratic and Republican Members of Congress have already courageously called for.


"Attacks on News Corp. are evidence of a liberal witch hunt."

  • News Corp.'s misconduct is not a partisan issue. Republicans and Democrats, the 9/11 families whose phones were allegedly hacked, and more than a hundred thousand Americans are demanding answers.
  • Even News Corp.'s own shareholders are suing Rupert Murdoch for using company resources for "personal and political objectives," saying that this scandal shows a "culture run amuck within News Corp and a Board that provides no effective review or oversight."


"News Corp. is no different than dozens of other media outlets and tabloids, especially those who published the WikiLeaks cables."



"The Koch Brothers are being unfairly singled out in hit pieces because they oppose Obama."

  • Koch is being singled out because they bribed public officials, secretly sold to Iran, and poisoned children!


"These accusations are coming from disgruntled employees with a score to settle."

  • The whistleblowers aren't the ones who lied to regulators, bribed public officials, and sold to terrorist-sponsoring Iran -- Koch did. And then they fired the employee who sounded the alarm.
  • Facts are facts -- not even the Koch Brothers' PR people can change them. And the facts tell us the Koch Brothers are doing just about anything to make a buck at our expense.

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