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Weekend Prep: Citizenship, Guns, Sequester

February 08, 2013 1:18 pm ET
It's been a full week with LOTS to discuss this weekend, from gun violence and immigration to the "sequestration" and taxes. Don't worry -- we've got you covered. Check out these one-pagers.

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  • With the two month anniversary of Newtown next Thursday, Americans across the country will be taking part in events to call for stronger gun laws. They come on the heels of new polling showing that a majority of Americans consider an NRA endorsement to be a negative. Keep driving the wedge between responsible gun owners and NRA lobbyists and equip yourself to push back on the gun lobby's falsehoods: Gun Violence: Prep Guide
  • Economists are warning that European-style austerity is strangling our recovery, but Congressional Republicans are calling for even more spending cuts to the things our country needs, like education -- while doing NOTHING to close tax loopholes. It's time to bring back an important theme: Sabotage. It's true: Republicans in Congress want Obama to preside over a recession instead of America's recovery. Expose their motive and put them on the defensive: Sabotaging The Second Term.
  • Reminder: Valentine's Day is coming up next week. How are House Republicans gearing up? Working to kill the Violence Against Women Act. Show how their ongoing opposition to protecting women and children from violence is even more glaring in light of their support for gun rights for rapists and criminals who inflict this violence: Violence Against Women Act Meets Gun Debate.
  • A "massive, possibly historic" snow blizzard is about to descend on the Northeast states. It's sure to bring more of the climate change deniers out of the woodwork. Here's how to talk about Climate Change.

Let us know if you have any questions. And whether you're in the field or in front of a camera, go get 'em!

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