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Weekend Prep: Jobs, Guns, Immigration

May 03, 2013 11:18 am ET
Lots to talk about on the Sunday shows as we head into the weekend: the April jobs report (165,000 jobs created and unemployment at 7.5%), the ongoing grind of the sequester, the NRA's annual convention and the new NRA president, and more falsehoods from immigration reform foes. We've got you covered.

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We need more good economic news like this -- that means hiring more Americans, not firing them.

We need more jobs and fewer self-inflicted layoffs.

Congress has no sympathy for sequestration victims -- except for frequent flyers with big bank accounts.


Explain what good jobs reports mean: Good Jobs Report, Need More

Explain what bad jobs reports mean: Jobs And The Sequester

Explain other good economic news: Stock Market, Job Market

Go on offense: Shame On The Sequester and Self-Inflicted Wounds: Sequester Impacts

Show what Republican lawmakers' spending cuts really mean -- layoffs: GOP "Spending Cuts"

Discredit European austerity for America: The Spreadsheet Goof Behind Layoffs



Voting to allow criminals to buy guns is not just a moral mistake. It's a political mistake.

If you can't stand up to the lobbyists when children are dead and 90% of the country stands with you, you're not fit to lead.

Their political cowardice means more children will die.


Check this out: Five Things To Know About The NRA's New President Jim Porter

Hold them accountable: "Pond Scum"

Define what their no votes mean: The Senate's Shame and Unfit To Lead

Keep up the call to action: The White House Plan On Gun Violence, Action On Gun Violence, Not Just Words, and Newtown Anniversary

Define the opposition: Why They're Blocking Gun Laws, No Controversy...Except In Congress, and NRA Lobbyists vs. Gun Owners.

Turn their flimsy excuses into liabilities: ATTACKS & RESPONSES: Gun Violence, 1 Hearing, Many Myths About Gun Laws, and Flipping the Gun Rights Frame



A real deal needs a real road to citizenship.

It's not the American way to create a second class of people.


Push back on the key attacks peddled by right wing politicians: Eye On The Right: Attacks & Responses

Press for a real deal with a real road to citizenship: Immigration Deal Within Reach

Reaffirm that immigration reform reflects mainstream Americans' priorities: The Agenda Americans Want

Call out politicians who use the Boston bombings as a political excuse to preserve the broken immigration system: Immigration Reform After Boston

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